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1643 Varner Dr
Mobile, AL  36693
A&B Electric Company of Mobile, Inc. began operation in September of 1979.  Its main base of operation is in Mobile, Alabama.  It is a licensed Electrical Contractor focusing primarily on the Commercial and Industrial areas.  It currently holds licenses in both Alabama and Mississippi. 
A&B Electric's two-fold ability to provide a diversity of installation solutions both in Commercial and Industrial applications has made it more appealing to its customers.  In the Commercial area, A&B has had the experience which has ranged from churches and schools to drug stores and autoparts stores.  On the Industrial side, everything from chemical plants and oil refineries to waste water and fresh water treatment facilities have made A&B a flexible company with enough experience and exposure to adjust and adapt to its customers' needs.
A&B also offers a full-line panel shop enabling a customer to express its needs as to its controls and process requirements.  A&B will provide panels as requested by the customer or engineering firm as required.  Another service offered by A&B is Infrared Survey.  The advantage of this service is to offer solutions to possible maintenance problems before they occur.  The process also offers photo-comparison records which denote trending of areas of possible deterioration.  Customers have found this service very useful in preventing unnecessary outages and downtime. 
A&B's employee base is comprised of long-term employees with an average employment history of 15 years.  A&B feels that low turnover is very important in maintaining the quality and integrity that is expected of A&B Electric Company of Mobile, Inc.  A&B understands that good employees, just like customers, are hard to find.   
Over the past 34 years, A&B Electric Company of Mobile, Inc.'s goal has been simple:  to provide a cost-effective solution for its customers' electrical needs while maintaining a safe environment for both its employees and customers.
Ed Johnson in Panel Shop applying finishing touches to control panel to meet a customer's order.
Infrared Survey Sample Pictures
(note: possible areas of concern)